Knowledge for impact

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Knowing is not enough;

we must apply.

Willing is not enough;

we must do.


What this FORUM stands for  

Do you know that there is enough information to empower every individual on earth? The whole universe is full of information. We can gather knowledge through many sources at any moment. Knowledge is power only when we leverage on the information it offered.
Information is now readily available and easily accessible. What is scarce remains the purposeful application of knowledge in creating value and positively affecting lives. Do you know that even a madman has a knowledge value to the one with foresight?
My grandfather, Igwe Meshack Ihentuge of blessed memory,  often told us that there is no need to give advice to an adult. It was his opinion that just walking from our family house to the market place which is about 2km, one would always see something that would instruct him or her. It is just like advising a vehicle driver against over speeding when the driver is seeing accidents resulting from over speeding.
DoYouKnow is a forum to learn from stories regarding diverse societal issues we may have known. It is a place to glean from events, developments, and other people’s experiences in other to gain new perspectives for positive impact in the society. It is a place to chew and digest on readily available wisdom for positive impact in our immediate environment and the world at large.

Do you know is a forum to learn from anything, be it marriage, politics, parenting, leadership, youth development etc. It is a place to glean from events, developments and other people’s experiences.
DoYouKnow Forum on Knowledge and Impact encourages people to sieve information from everyday stories for making a positive impact around them. It’s a Forum which serves as a catalyst for moral and social reorientation. We are joining other well-meaning social organizations in building a global movement of value-reorientation amongst individuals. We believe that personal development and ideal values are undisputable necessity for societal reorientation.

To refocus already available pieces of information for positive impact.